Friday, May 8, 2015

Wedding Bells

So as I mentioned in the "The girl behind the blog" post, I'm a bit obsessed with wedding gowns. This comes with dreaming about weddings (not our future wedding, just in general) and the beautiful photo-ops. I'm not dreaming about just any kind of wedding, I'm a huuuuge fan of Disney themed weddings.
Many girls plan their dream wedding for fun and even though I don't want a big fancy schmancy wedding, I'm still guilty of dreaming about our (non-existant) wedding. The thing about my ideal wedding is that I want a small event with a few guests (close family & friends), but Disney doesn't really go hand in hand with small and simple I guess. Still, when thinking of my dream wedding, a BIG extraordinary event isn't something that comes to mind. I'm going to try and assemble that ideal wedding without going over the top (HA!).