Friday, June 5, 2015

Disneyland Paris - Favourites

In about a week we go back to my second beloved home away from home, Disneyland Paris (my first beloved home away from home is obviously Walt Disney World).
This is reason enough for me to make a post about my favourite parts of each park and their lands/lots.

Disneyland Park

* Main Street USA
Main Street USA doesn't hold any real attractions (let's not count the train station, horse-drawn streetcars and vintage vehicles as actual attractions), so this part includes one of my favourite spots: the railway bridge (it's basically the train station, but seen from the park entrance side). It may sound like a stupid spot, but I love walking under the train station and seeing the castle pop up the moment you enter Town Square. That's usually also the place I start tearing up (if I haven't already on the way to the park).