Saturday, April 18, 2015

The girl behind the blog

Hi there!

Since this is my first blog post ever, I'm going to start with a "who am I?" by using the alphabet:

- Anaïs, that's my name!
- Brunette. I've had a lot of different hair colours and shades, but brown shades are my favourite.
- Caring. I care a lot for the people I love. I like being there for my friends.
- Disney. I LOVE Disney and its magic.
- Emotional. I can be a very emotional person, depending on the occasion. 
- Flying by airplane is the best thing ever.
- Gloomy. I usually notice the negative elements before I think about the positive ones.
- Hoodies. My boyfriend's hoodies are the best thing to wear.

- Ikea. I don't know why but I absolutely adore Ikea. I could spend every weekend at Ikea and buy tons of things I don't need.
- Japan. I would love to visit Japan one day!
- Kind. I'm a kind person, I think. At least I hope so :)
- London. One of my favourite cities. I miss just walking around London and taking in the atmosphere.
- Music. Everything's better with music.
- Needles. I'm terrified of needles. Somehow I did manage to get a tattoo, but getting my blood drawn makes me cringe (and cry).
- Only child.
- Picky. When it comes to eating, getting that perfect job, buying some clothes, or anything that results in me having to make an (in my opinion) important decision, will end up being a big hassle because I'm really picky. I guess this is both a bad and a good thing: making my decision can take forever, but I really just want what's best for me.
- Quiet. I enjoy being (alone) in the quietness.
- Reading. Despite the fact that I don't spend nearly as much time reading as I'd like to, I really like reading books.
- Sleep. I need loads of sleep, I'm a cranky person in the morning (and throughout the day) if I haven't had enough rest. Usually I don't get nearly enough sleep because there's always lots of things I want to do before going to bed. Oops.
- Travelling. It's one of my passions. T also stand for Thomas, the love of my life. He's perfect in every way and he's actually too good for me.
- Upset. I can easily get upset about the smallest things, which is a complete horror.
- Vegetables. Are my favourite thing.
- Wedding gowns. I'm just a tiny bit obsessed with wedding dresses, I just can't stop looking at all the gorgeous ones, even though my heart aches knowing I'll never be able to afford one of them.
- X!nk. The first band I ever liked. They kinda started my whole journey in the world of music and thanks to them I got to know a lot of bands I'm still a huge fan of today.
- Yogurt. An important part of my breakfast. Also one of my favourite foods.
- Zombies. Don't like them, don't hate them. I will avoid scary movies about zombies though, since I don't like nightmares.

This was harder than I'd imagined, but there it is! I guess this is a pretty good representation of who I am, and now you know a bit more about the girl behind the blog.

There's more on the "About me" page, where you can find out what kind of posts will be appearing on this blog.

See you later!

- Anaïs

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